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The uniqueness of color in the paintings of the artist Tony Maalouf | culture

by archyde

The colors of the artist Tony Malouf stand out through the yellow haunted with visions that reflect joy, joy and the power of life, and simply capture the eye, and attract the meditator to the colors with elegance, spontaneity, and poetic flow in the details selected from nature, reinforced by the transparency of colors away from the complexity and tight structures in the lines Rather, he fills the spaces with slashes through which artistic aesthetics are achieved that shake the meaning, and the painting gives contrasts that fit with what he captures from nature according to his impressions that achieve poetic searches for him through the open vision on harmonies that are manifested through what arouses the sight, and what allows the music of colors to harmonize enough With each other, with a spontaneous flow, it is a group of emotions affected by the hot color, and mingled with the stock of feelings that its feathers store from a love for beauty that it seeks in the folds of nature without going beyond the limits of its emotions, feelings and poetic visions, to formulate a painting in which the idea of ​​life, existence, the magic of nature and the creative color that fills with gradations give it rhythm. Is “Tony Maalouf” trying to awaken colors by creating visions of the natural scene, and what the uniqueness of color evokes for a moment?

A plastic color awareness and an impressionistic poetic entity with an aesthetic orientation, and lines with details for an artistic and aesthetic meaning capable of translating feelings, where the ability to draw many details that man does not see with this conscious aesthetic in the external nature, as he retains the internal meaning of the painting where its characteristic emerges, as an art adapted to Feather and colour, line and dimensions, space, light, shadow, and white psychological color with a visual philosophy that puts us in front of open meditations of spaces and imaginations, which affects the sensory emotions of the viewer, to discover the mental differences between reality and imagination and the fact of linking them to form. If the fields of vision expand between colors, so that each color translates its meaning in terms of reality and imagination or sober plastic impressions of artistic emergence that depend on the principle of color and its gradations, and the external and internal similarity of the natural scene, or rather the expressive image in all its details.

A contemplative artistic feature that falls under the name of poetic harmonious colors, essentially simplification, with artistic richness, as the painting simulates this nature within the painting as part of the whole or of a nature with plastic variables. It is open to multiple interpretations and interpretations, but the painting in its entirety is the embodiment of the exciting forces of beauty that give the artist the power of observation and special feelings, to form the structure of the painting that we see and feel artistic pleasure, as we penetrate visually between its chromatic, light and spatial meanings, and even the scribbles that affect the painting’s aesthetic logic. generally.

The artist “Tony Maalouf” transcends colors that tend towards nature, so that the shapes in his paintings are adorned according to his poetic vision, which is characterized by the kinetic aesthetic of color. Harmonious, woven with a transparent chromatic awareness of the value and proportion of gradations in the painting, the common qualities of nature and color, the ability to create imitations between them in color and shape, etc. The senses accept the formulation of color and its paradoxes and artistic laws of romantic privacy while maintaining the tones consistent with artistic consistency, and the dynamism of color expression embodied in yellow and the rest of the colors and its music rich in imaginative or dreamy visions, which depends on the artistic perceptual senses linked to a dual simulation of the source of the painting and the artist where we feel the dual beauty What emanates from the metaphysics of the painting or from the content and style, the objectivity of the poetic meaning artistically, and the exceptional in color, its purity and its music.

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