The United Arab Emirates space probe captured its first image of Mars

DUBAI.- The Amal space probe [por “esperanza”] from United Arab Emirates today transmitted his first image of Mars, five days after entering the orbit of the red planet. The probe reached that planet after a seven month trip, after what is regarded as the first successful launch of an interplanetary mission by an Arab country. Amal took off from Japan in July of last year.

The image was transmitted by the country’s leader, Mohamed bin Zayed, on his official Twitter account, where he described the event as “A defining moment in history” from the country. “It marks the UAE by joining advanced nations involved in space exploration. We hope that this mission will lead to new discoveries on Mars that benefit humanity, “he said.

Too the Emirati Vice President, Mohamed bin Rashid, published the photo and specified that it had been captured at about 25,000 kilometers above the surface of the planet. “The United Arab Emirates Mars Mission has captured the image of the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, emerging in the light of the sun in the early morning ”, it was detailed in a statement.

The probe will remain two years in orbit, from where it will capture images of the planet’s atmosphere and record the seasonal change. All the data, they say in the Emirates, will be shared with the international scientific community.

With information from AFP and DPA


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