The upcoming iOS 15.4 update will warn AirTag user that following someone without their consent would be illegal.

The update to iOS 15.4 will include new features to prevent AirTag chips from being used to track or track people.

Last fall, people complained about finding a tracking chip hidden in their personal items or hidden in their car. Many spouses suspected of infidelity have been unknowingly followed in their movements.

However, AirTags, like any other geolocation chip, are primarily dedicated to tracking objects belonging to you.

Accessory Detected Warning


Accessory Detected Warning

Earlier this month, Apple announced without saying when that a series of security measures would be put in place for its AirTag chips, including the already known one regarding the privacy notification.

With iOS 15.4, we will now know what type of device has been detected and who is tracking the person. The alert will also be faster. Tracking notifications displayed on an iPhone will also sync with the alert sound played by an AirTag, to make them more noticeable, Apple said.

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