The US spacecraft Perseverance landed on Mars. It is already sending the first pictures – ČT24 – Czech Television

“In the first phase, NASA is pushing a policy that all data that is collected is freely available. So anyone on the planet has the opportunity to download photos of chemical rock measurements. Everything that the probe finds out will sooner or later appear on the Internet, “Brož pointed out. According to the scientist, the availability of sent data, as well as samples to be transported to Earth by future missions, means a huge benefit for the scientific community around the world.

A look into the prehistory of Mars

The brooch is especially curious about the samples from the Jezero crater where the rover is to land. “There are such dark rocks that we think could be of volcanic origin,” the scientist said. “These rocks could have various tiny gas bubbles in them that could tell us something about what the atmosphere of Mars looked like a long time ago, when these rocks formed – 3.9, maybe four billion years ago,” the scientist described. According to him, the survey thus has the potential to provide information about both the atmosphere and volcanic activity on the planet.

“We think that in the ancient history of Mars, volcanism there was much more explosive than outflowing, but we do not know why the transition from the explosive to outflowing took place. And research into these volcanic rocks could shed a little more light into it, “explained the scientist, who described the current rover as” an astrobiologist on wheels. “

“The truck has to complete the primary mission within two years, so it will soon begin to explore the rocks in its vicinity, depending on where it lands. He will either go straight to the delta and sample the delta, or he will start poking at the bottom where he finds himself. It begins to measure the chemical composition of the rocks around it basically as soon as it is activated. And the data will suddenly start flowing back, “the scientist described.


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