the USB key in your mailbox

If you find a USB flash drive claiming to contain a version of Microsoft Office in your mailbox, this is an elaborate scam aimed at recovering your bank details. Hackers return to a classic to try to fool less knowledgeable users.

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The USB key scam is another method used to deceive the vigilance of the least informed. Sky News reports that USB keys are deposited in mailboxes. When plugged into a PC, they appear to contain a legitimate version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Of course, it is not.

When the user tries to install the software, he is redirected to a window telling him that a virus has been detected and that he must call customer service in order to proceed with its removal and subsequent installation of Microsoft Office. At the end of the line, the scammer explains that he needs a certain amount of personal data, including bank details. These are then used to activate a paid subscription.

Never connect an unknown USB key to your computer

This technique may seem isolated since it requires significant resources: USB keys to be sent by post or to be dropped off yourself as well as fake customer service agents. But it is worrying enough for Microsoft to launch an internal investigation into it. “Microsoft is committed to helping protect our customers. We are taking appropriate action to remove any suspected unlicensed or counterfeit product from the market.”reacted a spokesperson for the American group.

He adds that “Microsoft will never send you unsolicited packages or contact you out of the blue for any reason”. Generally speaking, plugging in a USB stick found in the wild is rarely a good idea. Do not hesitate to remind your relatives who are not comfortable with computers, such as the elderly for example, very often the target of scammers.

Source : Sky News

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