The useful sacrifice… two ways to extend the life of iPhone batteries

It is known that applications on iPhone phones consume battery life significantly, even if these applications are not used on a daily basis, because they simply work in the background to make updates that you need when you turn them on again, which also forces you to constantly recharge your phone.

To improve battery life suggest The “kadama” account on “Tik Tok”, which is followed by about 1.9 million users, simple steps that can help in this matter.

The first step is to go to Settings > General > then turn off background app refresh feature.

Next, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > and make sure that Optimized Battery Charging is turned on.

Kadama says this step will keep your battery running for a long time.

وذكر Phone Arena website Technically, it’s a “kind of trade-off” because battery life will get better, but at the expense of automatic updates. This means that updates that your apps normally make in the background, such as sports scores, stock market prices, and temperatures, won’t happen until you open their apps.

Another way, according to the site, is to go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion > turn off the full screen effects features and turn on video previews automatically.

And it all depends on personal preferences: sacrifice some features for battery or vice versa.

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