The Valley of the Lazhars: Winner of Hors Concours 2023 Prize

2023-11-29 08:00:00

The Hors Concours 2023 prize went to Soufiane Khaloua pour The Valley of the Lazhars (Ed. Agullo). Announced on November 28 at the House of Poetry, the winner of this 8th edition was elected by six journalists from the literary press after more than three hours of deliberation.

French teacher, Soufiane Khaloua signs her first novel here. Located in eastern Morocco, it portrays Amir, a young man from the Ayami clan. During a trip, he finds himself immersed in the secrets of his family, which everyone believed to be buried in the valley where his father grew up. A mention from the public was also awarded to the first-time novelist Caroline Bouffault pour Thelmaan intergenerational comedy published by Fugue editions.

Soufiane Khaloua succède à Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry pour There is no rainbow in heaven (Helix Alas).

The jury for the Hors Concours 2023 prize was composed of Stephanie Dupays, Stephanie Khayat, Inès de la Motte Saint-Pierre, David Medioni, Isabelle Motrot et Cécile Truy.

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