the video to the kisses that confirms the romance

separated from Benjamin Vicunathe love life of China Suarez it became news. In the past week, Karina Iavicoli maintained that the actress “had furtive encounters” with the ragpicker Rusherking. Now videos have appeared confirming the relationship.

“Who does @chinasuarez dance with? It’s #RusherKing”he asked himself Pepe Ochoa on Twitter, after echoing a video that the producer Franco Mozotegui uploaded to her Instagram, in which China is seen dancing with a young man who the fans sentenced was the ex of Mary Becerra.

“La China and Rusherking very cuddly… Super together at the MF after party,” wrote Pampito, confirming the romance.

“Es Rusherking” y “Look at Rusher’s cap”were some of the responses that the tweet garnered, revealing that the young man with whom Suárez dances very close, while Jimena Baron sings the cobra in the post Martín Fierro night out, he would be the trap singer.

Who took the potential out of the doubts and took for granted the departure of China Suárez with Rusherking was Seventhuploading another video to his social network, clearer, in which Becerra’s ex is seen kissing China’s neck while she dances Disciplina, Lali’s new hit.

“La China and Rusherking very cuddly… Super together at the MF after party”wrote the Mañanísima panelist, confirming the romance.


In August 2021, China Suarez and Benjamin Vicuna They confirmed their separation to the press, after five and a half years of love. Since then, the intimate life of both monopolized the attention of the media. However, the actress made a firm decision.

Asked about his relationship with Armando Mena Navareno, After the absence of loving winks on their social networks, China surprised with its response to the magazine Hello! Argentina and promoted the version of rupture?: “I don’t want to talk about my life. I don’t talk about my stuff anymore. I am very focused on my work, on my children. So I’m fine.”

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