The Visual Novel Mahoutsukai no Yoru is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 8 in Japan –

Some know the studio Type-Moon thanks to VN eroge licenses such as Tsukihime or Fate. The studio continues to be active with a remake of Tsukihime the first part of which was released on Switch in Japan and we got the news recently that their remake of Mahotsukai no Yoru, or Witch on the Holy Nightis finally ready to be released for December 8, 2022. A news that comes with a trailer that we let you watch below. Mahotsukai no Yoru was the studio’s first non-eroge project when it was released in 2012, and the remake project was accompanied by an anime film released fairly recently in Japanese theaters.

Game trailer

Titre: Mahotsukai no Yoru
Platform: Playstation 4 et Nintendo Switch
Languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Release date: December 8, 2022
Prix: 6600 Yen (including tax)
ED Theme: « Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni » by Supercell and performed by Yanaga Nagi
Additional Feature: Full dubbing and HD remake

This is the story of two witches residing in a house on top of a hill.

We are in the mid-1980s, the dawn of a dynamic new era full of strangeness.
One day, a young boy arrives in town and crosses paths with two witches.

The young boy lived an ordinary life,
While one lived her proud life,
And the other hidden from everyone as if asleep.

The alignment of these three celestial stars is totally fortuitous
Totally unpredictable thing
The story begins just after these three souls start living together…

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