The WhatsApp platform sends an urgent warning to its user .. it will be banned in these cases

I drew platform واتساب Urgent guidance to its users, on following the procedures that, when violated, can cause the violating user to be banned irreversibly, and there are some rules that the user may not realize that he is violating.

Mistakes made by a WhatsApp user that cause him to be banned:

1- If a lot of people report to the WhatsApp administration, about someone who causes a lot of inconvenience to them, it may cause him to be removed from the platform completely.

2- When the user contacts people he does not know, he exposes himself to the ban, it is better to respect others, because this will attract attention.

3- Impersonation of someone is not allowed under any circumstances, and if a user is detected to have created a fake account using someone else’s photos, their number will be blocked.

4-Want واتساب Of its users to use the official application only, and when resorting to WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold or others, the user exposes himself to the ban completely.

5- Automated and bulk messages are usually somewhat of a warning sign, which indicates that someone is trying to scam, it is better to pay attention to that, because WhatsApp uses artificial intelligence technology with reports from other users, to detect and block accounts that send unwanted automatic messages .

6- If its owner does not use it, your account may be disabled or deleted if it does not become active after registering the account or if it has remained inactive for an extended period of time.

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