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A scene from a manga[Image courtesy of Rin Akuma / Kumarin Nakamura Day 2 East Z-15a (@ nakakuma68)]

The lactic acid bacteria beverages “Yakult 1000” (product for home delivery) and “Y1000” (product for over-the-counter stores), which are currently booming, have been reported to be effective in relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Due to the flood of orders, it has come to be reported that some stores are out of stock. However, it seems that some troubles are occurring only in popular products that are difficult to obtain. The comics depicting such dangers have been receiving a great deal of attention, collecting 27,000 likes. We talked to the author.

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“It doesn’t matter to me” One day, when I saw the cold storage box …

Due to its popularity, new applications through the dedicated website have been suspended for the “Yakult 1000”. It became a fierce battle, and the resale prohibition measures on the flea market apps were widely reported, and information that there are people ambushing Yakult Ladies who are delivering is flying on SNS, and it has developed into a turmoil.

The author who announced this manga is a drinker of “Yakult 1000”. He has been delivered to his home for about a month and a half, and recently he seems to feel the effect, saying, “I feel like I’ve become more stress-resistant.”

The product is delivered once a week. You can choose to deliver it face-to-face, but the author wants it delivered to a cold storage box placed in front of the front door of your house. You don’t have to worry even in the summer because you can put it with an ice pack.

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A general cold box. There is a hole in the lid that can be locked[Photo: Hint-Pot editorial department]
A general cold box. There is a hole in the lid that can be locked[Photo: Hint-Pot editorial department]

The author, of course, is aware of the recent shortage and turmoil, but he lightly dismissed it as “well, it’s a story that has nothing to do with me.” However, one day, I notice something wrong with the cold storage box. The lid was open even though I only touched it on the delivery date of the product. This means …

When the manga depicting this event was released on Twitter, it was a big hit with 27,000 likes. In the reply (reply), “I’m scared … I’ll take the whole box calmly even if I lock it.” “Is the time when Yakult becomes a valuable item …” “I’m really scared of human beings today.” In addition to the astonishing reaction such as “I felt it …”, similar damage reports such as “We had a different product, but we stopped it because it disappeared several times” were also received.

In response to this trouble, the author consulted on countermeasures through the official website. You will be asked to lock the cold storage box. Also, after seeing the reply from a person who suffered the same damage, “The damage stopped when a dummy camera was installed,” he seems to think that this method is also an idea.

○ Interview cooperation: Rin Akuma / Kumarin Nakamura Day 2 East Z-15a (@ nakakuma68)Mr. Miss

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