The world is shaking.. The Institute of Astronomy reveals areas prone to earthquakes in Egypt

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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Dr. Jad Al-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, revealed the active and earthquake-prone areas in them under the name “seismic activity in Egypt”, in conjunction with the large number of earthquakes that some countries of the world are currently witnessing.

This comes in conjunction with what the world has recently witnessed, in terms of the occurrence of a number of earthquakes in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Egypt, Tajikistan, Kurdistan in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, China, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, California in the United States, Alaska, the Philippines, Taiwan, Chile, and Argentina. Peru, and the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Al-Qadi said, during the scientific symposium entitled “The earthquake in Turkey and Syria and a comprehensive view on Egypt and the Middle East,” which was organized by the Syndicate of Scientific Professions today, Saturday, at the syndicate’s headquarters in Nasr City, that these places are: east Cairo or southwest Cairo and were far from the urban space, And with its announcement, the increase in urban expansion began to reach the active places of earthquakes and the places as they are.

And he continued: “What the media and social media circulated about the earthquake made everyone believe that there are only earthquakes, stressing that there are many issues apart from earthquakes, especially since the situation is reassuring.”

Al-Qadi affirmed that there is a guideline for the dangers of earthquakes, and we advise all citizens to review it, in order to send a message honestly and professionally in all society to know the reality.

The head of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research indicated that the subsidence of the Alexandria and Salloum corniches had nothing to do with the tsunami.

El-Kady stressed that seismic activity within the Egyptian territory is within its normal range, and there are no matters outside the normal rates over the past years, and there is no need to cause panic and anxiety among citizens.

He explained that throughout history there have been no devastating earthquakes in Egypt, knowing that Egypt is not far from the seismic belt, and this does not mean underestimation or panic, but honesty in presenting information will make everyone partners in responsibility.

Al-Qadi had mentioned, in previous press statements, via the “Zoom” technology, that there are other active places for earthquakes in Egypt, including: the Gulfs of Suez, Aqaba, and the Red Sea, and part of the Mediterranean from western Turkey and southern Italy, which are the areas most felt by a number of citizens in Greater Cairo and northern Egypt, in addition to some of the internal activity of Egypt.

Yesterday morning, Friday, the National Institute for Astronomical Research announced that the stations of the National Earthquake Monitoring Network, affiliated with the institute, recorded an earthquake 27 kilometers north of Suez Governorate, without reports of feeling the tremor or any losses.

The institute issued safety guidelines that citizens must follow when an earthquake occurs, as follows:

– Stay away from loose objects such as cupboards, shelves, and windows, and sit or hide under a large-sized table or sofa.

– Do not panic and try to act calmly and rationally wherever you are at the moment of the earthquake.

– Turn off the electricity and gas.

– If you are driving when an earthquake occurs, you must immediately pull over to the side of the road.

– Avoid stopping the vehicle under bridges or high pressure lines.

It is worth noting that the stations of the National Seismological Network of the National Institute for Astronomical Research recorded more than a thousand perceptible and imperceptible earthquakes last year inside Egyptian territory, in addition to recording more than 50 perceptible earthquakes.

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