“Theatrical Version of Spell Fighting 0” broke 100 million at the Taiwan box office in 6 days, becoming the second fastest Japanese film “Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie” in Taiwan’s film history to break 100 million

“It’s currently being shown in Taiwan”Theatrical version of the spell return battle 0“, the film company announced last Thursday that the box office hit 16.6 million on the first day of its release in Taiwan, and the total box office has officially broken 100 million in less than a week since its release, making it the second fastest Japanese film in Taiwan’s film history to break 100 million.

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Theatrical version of the spell return battle 0“The story describes a pair of childhood sweetheart lovers: Yuta Otaku and Rika Kimoto originally agreed to get married when they grow up, and to be together forever… However, Rika died in a car accident. After her death, she turned into a powerful resentful spirit attached to Yi Gu, who suffered for this, and even wanted to die. Finally, under the leadership of Gojo Satoru, Yuta Otaku entered the High School of Mantras to study mantras, which allowed him to meet new classmates: Chanyuan Maki, Goujitsu and Panda. He gradually opened his heart and decided to find a place to live here. On the other hand, Xia Youjie, who advocates the complete annihilation of non-artists, announced the launch of “Hundred Ghosts Night Walk” to release a thousand curses in Shinjuku and Kyoto. For this reason, the high school of magic spells do everything possible to stop Xia Youjie’s ambition, and whether Yi Gu, a first-year student of the high school of magic spells involved in this battle, can stop Xia Youjie’s ambition and unravel Lixiang’s curse smoothly ?

And the voice actor Nakamura Yuichi, who played the voice of Gojo Satoru, celebrated his 42nd birthday on the 20th of last month. In the voting event held for his birthday by the animation website “Anime! Anime!”, the corner of “Gojo Satoru” received 20% support. Netizens praised Yuichi Nakamura’s voice acting skills, “Yuichi Nakamura’s sweet bass made Gojo Satoru stronger and made ‘It’s okay, because I’m the strongest. ”, “The realm expands, the boundless space” and other lines become very convincing!”.

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