Their dog dies of heat in a train, the SNCF offers them a voucher of 70 euros

A mother and her daughter saw their dog die of heat on a train. The Intercités Bordeaux-Marseille had broken down and the air conditioning had been turned off. SNCF offers them compensation of 70 euros

On July 21, in a train without air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave, Ana and her daughter Ambre watched helplessly as their dog Poopie died of heat.

Shortly after leaving Narbonne, the Intercités linking Bordeaux to Marseille broke down in the countryside. The air conditioning is turned off for over an hour. Inside the wagons, the temperature rises, a little too much for the two-year-old Loulou from Pomerania who does not resist, and succumbs in the arms of his mistresses.

“10 euros for the life of our dog”

More than a month after this dramatic trip, the two women finally receive a letter from the SNCF, which “has the pleasure of offering them a voucher” in the amount of 70 euros. They protest against the tone of the letter, a “standard” formulation used to compensate for delays, and do not understand the value of the “voucher”.

“Our round trip cost us 60 euros,” explains the young woman. They rounded up the refund to 70 euros. We therefore deduce that the life of our dog and our trauma are worth 10 euros for the SNCF… ”

Shocked and disgusted by the indecency of this response, the two women intend to seize the independent mediator of the SNCF.

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