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their unexpected meeting while he was an inspector

by archyde

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Olivier Marchal, to find this evening in the film The Crimson Rivers on France 2, is a confirmed actor, who has already proven himself. But his career as an actor would perhaps never have seen the light of day without the valuable advice of his companion in the 80s, who was none other than Michèle Laroque. A period of his life to which he returned in 2020 during his time on the show I love you etc. on France 2.I met her, I was a cop in the anti-terrorist section, and we went out to clubs a lot with my group” he said, before going into a little more detail.

And I had met an architect from Nice who was having a party at his house, and since she is from Nice, she was at the party. But she was starting in Paris, she was at the Blancs-Manteaux, she was playing a show called Save the baby women. I was not at all in the theater yet. We had a little crush. But I couldn’t see myself saying to my father: ‘I’m going to Paris’. It was a little…” he remembered, he who had no ambition to become an actor, despite his experience in the theater with the Jesuits of the Saint-Joseph-de-Tivoli high school in Bordeaux.

A twisted destiny

But it was without counting on Michèle Laroque, who finally managed to convince him to embark on this field. “She said to me, ‘If you want to be…

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