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2024-02-21 09:00:04

According to the WHO definition, therapeutic patient education “ aims to help patients acquire or maintain the skills they need to best manage their life with a chronic illness. » This acquisition of skills makes it possible to obtain better adherence to treatment and therefore a better therapeutic response.

So, what are the challenges of therapeutic education? Why is therapeutic education particularly recommended when chronic illnesses are diagnosed? How do doctors rely on patient experts to adapt their care?

Dr Aurélie Carlierendocrinologist, diabetologist in the Diabetology Endocrinology department, at Bichat Claude-Bernard APHP Hospitalcoordinator of a therapeutic education program Corinne Grauxnurse, trainer in therapeutic education and coordinator of public health actions Patricia Rondeaupatient suffering from ulcerative colitis, FTE resource patient, volunteer administrator and listener at the Association Afa which supports and informs Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis patients.

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