There are 3 words that a wise person can’t say even if he opens his mouth

A wise woman knows what to say and what not to say. Here are 3 things that women should not say to avoid harm from the mouth.

Don’t brag about yourself too much

Are you the type to brag about your job or family? If yes, then stop this immediately, because no one is comfortable seeing other people succeed than themselves. Maybe in front of you they laugh, they congratulate. But behind the scenes envy, jealousy, and jealousy makes people do unexpected things.

Moreover, bragging will make you even more egotistical. You will see yourself as a lucky person, a successful person and then self-centered in the universe. It is this character that will not be good and no one will truly love you.

Sharing too much about my private life


You can share stories about your life with friends or colleagues around. However, it should only be in moderation. Colleagues of the company will have someone who really understands, sincerely gives you advice. But there are also many people who will bring your story out for fun whenever they have free time.

If life sometimes has frustrations and discomforts, you can share it with everyone to reduce the discomfort in your heart, but you should also know how to stop in time. Don’t let other people get hold of your fontanel.

commenting on other people’s private lives

“Every tree, every flower, every house, every scene”, don’t look at their way of life and then comment and consider. Women who have the habit of gathering to talk, from work to people around. Then look at other people’s clothes and actions to judge. Don’t think that without them there, you can say anything, don’t think that what you say will not be good.

This life is so unpredictable. The people who talk to you are sometimes the ones who often say bad things about you in front of others. Above all, are you sure that you are a perfect person in all aspects, but go to judge and criticize others. Nobody is perfect, so don’t let yourself have the right to judge other people’s lives.

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