there are 701 companies serving 6 million beneficiaries

In Argentina there are 701 entities that provide prepaid medicine, which have 6 million beneficiaries, including those that come from transfers of social works, of which more than half are under 40 years of age. In 2013 there were 568.

The figures circulating in the sector correspond to the Registry of the Superintendency of Health Services. It includes commercial societies, mutuals, foundations, civil associations, social works of management personnel and those that have adherent, complementary or superior plans.

These official numbers show that more prepaid medical entities operate throughout the country than is usually assumed. But the system is very concentrated: 10 entities have more than 4.5 million and about 400, less than 5 thousand users. This happens because the number of entities that provide partial services such as dentistry or medical emergencies or in certain regions or small cities is very high.

By far, OSDE tops the ranking with more than 2 million users, followed by Swiss Medical, with a million. Then follow Galeno, Sancor, Medifé, Omint, Italian Society, Medicus, ACA Health and Prevention Health.

In many cases, the entities have their own clinics or sanatoriums and / or outsource or contract hospitalization services, radiology, laboratories, etc.

It is estimated that more than half of those reached by prepaid medicine is young people, under 40 years old, while at the other end, with more than 65 years, only 19%. An age relationship that favors the private system.

Almost all adults over 60 years of age are covered by PAMI.

Prepaid health plans vary according to family structure, but for a typical family, it is around $ 15,000 and more than $ 20,000 per month for larger plans.

Private medicine advanced hand in hand with the agreements with social works, which intensified with the deregulation process, which began in the 90s. These are basically high-income employees who can access higher coverage with the mandatory contribution or are willing to pay the difference to have a higher plan.

In those cases, the payments of these affiliates to prepaid are deductibles up to 5% of the net profit of each year of the income tax base, which alleviates the impact of the fees on the affiliates with the consequent fiscal cost for the State.

For its part, the system of social works linked to Social Security – such as wage earners, monotributistas, registered domestic staff and including PAMI – has 20,000,739 between owners and family members, according to official data from the Superintendency of Health Services. Of the total, 11,695,949 correspond to dependent workers and family members and 5,092,582 to PAMI retirees and pensioners.



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