There are new details in the story of the woman who disappeared with her baby

On Sunday morning, a woman left her home on Karaliaučius Street with a three-month-old baby was found on Mondayten minutes after ten o’clock in the morning.

She was discovered by a border patrol helicopter that joined the search, whose crew immediately informed the police officers about the people found in the forest and directed them to the place where they were.

On Monday afternoon, VSAT shared a nearly minute-long video from the helicopter on Facebook. It contains the moment of finding a woman with a baby.

It appears that the officers needed to talk to the woman for some time and possibly convince her to go along. The woman, who was in the forest, held the baby in a carrier.

It was not the first time

Gedas Batulevičius, Head of the Vilnius City Department of the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service 15min said that the family has been known to child rights defenders since Sunday night.

“We received a report about the missing mother with her baby on Sunday night. After they were found, the baby was temporarily placed with the grandmother, and the next day the defenders of the child’s rights had to go to the family and assess what kind of help she might need,” said a representative of the service.

Photo of the State Child Rights and Adoption Service/Gedas Batulevičius

However, we had to announce the search for the mother and the baby, they were found on Monday morning.

According to the representative of the service, the baby is currently placed with on-call guardians, and the mother is being cared for by doctors.

“We are currently assessing the family’s situation and what kind of help they may need,” said G. Batulevičius.

According to him, until this weekend, no help was provided to the family in Lithuania, it lived abroad.

15min as far as we know, the mother is currently in a psychiatric hospital.

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2024-04-24 16:14:34

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