“There is almost no sperm in the teacher’s body” I said ‘this’ every day for 10 minutes, and I heard a shocking examination result.

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The prostate is a very important organ for men because it is associated with pregnancy. People who don’t usually have a good prostate are often told to “do this” for prostate health. However, if you do “this” frequently, it will decrease sperm count and even lead to infertility. Let’s find out what “this” really is.

“This” that reduces sperm, even infertility…

Mr. A said that he had a half-bath for 10 minutes every day with warm water because his prostate was not good. The specialist cited half-bath as the cause of the decrease in sperm count. “Sperm die when the testicles warm up,” he said. “Don’t worry, the sperm will come back in a few months.”He advised to refrain from half-bath. A US research team also published a shocking study that frequent half-baths in hot water can lead to male infertility. According to a study, men who took a half-bath for 15 days for 45 minutes a day in hot water over 41 degrees Celsius stopped sperm production for 6 months. Also, according to the data reported to the Swiss Department of Urology, when the testicles were exposed to a 40 degree warm bath for 20 minutes, sperm production stopped for 2 weeks.

What is the most optimal environment for sperm?

Sperm is best produced when the body temperature is 2-3 degrees below the body temperature of 36.5 degrees. Also, because tight pants can put pressure on the testicles, and high humidity and high temperatures can lead to problems with blood flow as well as problems. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting boxer shorts and trousers.I say.

also, Frequent exposure to sunlight helps the body synthesize vitamin D to produce healthy sperm.help you do it If you don’t get sunlight often. nutritional intakeIt is recommended to do

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