There was a scandal with Otani Shohei!Sweetheart anchor announces engagement to “NBA Japan Light” Yuta Watanabe jqknews

Entertainment Center / Reported by Zhou Xiwen

Good news from the Japanese press! The former “Fuji TV” beauty anchor Akiko Kuji left last month. I didn’t expect that today (26th) suddenly announced a flash marriage to the NBA Tyrannosaurus team Japanese striker Yuta Watanabe. The news shocked the Japanese basketball world and the press, and the two never met. The process of falling in love is also exposed.

The 27-year-old Kuji Xiaozi has a sweet appearance. She served as a fashion magazine model as early as college. In 2017, she joined Fuji TV as an anchor and was reused in only 4 months, and her popularity is obvious. However, she resigned as an anchor last month, and her first TV announcement after leaving the club was dedicated to her old club “Fuji TV”. Unexpectedly, at the end of the program, the police dropped a red bomb and announced on the live program: “I am with a professional basketball player. Yuta Watanabe is engaged!”.

Akiko Kuji and Yuta Watanabe became attached to each other through interviews and officially started dating after the Tokyo Olympics. (Picture / Flip Kuji Xiaoko, Watanabe Yuta IG)

In this regard, Kuji Xiaozi also laughed on the show and said that he had received a lot of care from Fuji TV in the past, so he chose to announce the good news at his old club, but the wedding date has not yet been decided. As for the acquaintance of the two, she revealed that in 2019, they became attached to each other through an interview, and they officially dated after the Tokyo Olympics. She would fly to Canada to meet her boyfriend while she was on vacation, and had never dated in Japan. Finally, Akiko Kuji also shouted sweetly in front of the camera: “Yuta, I will trouble you next!” Since Yuta Watanabe is regarded as “the light of Japan in the NBA”, the rookie group immediately shocked all walks of life, and the Japanese media also rushed to publish Alert.

It is reported that Kuji Akiko had an affair with Japanese star Otani Shohei in 2019. Since both of them were born in 1994, they were both from Iwate Prefecture, and they lived very close to their hometown, so during Kuji Akiko’s role as a model , once and Ogu Xiangping were interviewed by the media in their hometown. The photo of the two of them at that time was wildly circulated on the Internet, and it was even rumored that they were dating on the premise of marriage, but they were all gone.

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