There was a shooting in Brno, the owner of the shop stopped the thieves with a gas gun

The police received a report on the emergency line about the shooting in Štefánikova Street shortly after 5:00 p.m. “We received a report that there was a man in the street who was to manipulate and fire a small firearm. We sent several police patrols to the scene, which then found out that he was the owner of a shop who was chasing the perpetrator of the theft,” the spokesman said.

The alleged thief ran away with the goods and the shop owner wanted to stop him. “As the perpetrator did not follow the order to stop, he fired a gas pistol into the air once. The perpetrator then stopped and returned the stolen goods,” Vala said.

The suspect was detained by the police. She found out that he had been convicted of theft in the past three years. He is now also a suspect in the theft, it was about 3,000 crowns of goods.

Intervention of police officers in Brno


However, according to Vala, the police will also check whether the owner of the shop also committed the illegal act, because he manipulated and fired a small firearm in a public place, even if it was just a so-called gas gun.

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