there will be an accessible darkroom and braille template

2023-09-02 19:20:11

The Bariloche municipal elections this Sunday, September 3 will have as a novelty the single ballot in braille system so that blind people can vote individually or visually impaired, and there will also be in the schools an accessible darkroom.

The municipality, through the Directorate of Management for People with Disabilities, planned “actions to ensure the full participation of people with disabilities in the electoral process” as “part of the construction of more inclusive societies.”

The Electoral Board will have a series of measures on electoral accessibility for the vote on September 3:

voting priority: People with disabilities can vote without queuing.

▪ In case of being accompanied by a Assistance/Guide dog may enter the establishment with him and to the dark room.

▪ If the person requires support to vote may request assistance to the table authority or enter with your companion.

▪ You can ask for help to sign the register or request that the table authority do it, in case you cannot do it independently.

Accessible Dark Room (COA): the classroom closest to the entrance of the establishment, the one with better accessibility for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users. In the event of not having a COA, the person with a disability who requires it may vote at the table closest to the entrance, always with prior notice to the school coordinator.

Also, another of the actions that will be implemented, in collaboration with the Patagonian Integral Rehabilitation Center for blind and visually impaired people (CRIP), refers to the possibility of having Braille templates for those who require them.

The templates will be distributed in schools throughout the city, and in those places where it is not present, the person may request it from the table president so that he can manage the search for the template in another establishment and bring it closer.

The schools will have templates in Braille: 129, 48, 44, ESRN 123, 321, Jardín 68, Amuyén, 324, ESRN 2, 298, 97, 343, 343, 315, 367, 154, CET 28, 266, ESRN 37 , Fasta, 187, Universidad del Comahue, 16, ESRN 45, ESRN 20, ESRN 104, 185,273, 201, ESRN 99, 19, 267, 328, 295, Nehuen Peumán, 278, ESRN 36, 255, 320, 310, 311 , 138,115, 71, CET 2. In each establishment there are tickets in Braille at one or more tables.

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