there will be complaints against the CALF rate and privatization of YPF

2023-12-13 01:05:15

Wednesday the 13th will be a day full of demonstrations in Neuquén. QOn the one hand, teachers will publicly demand poorly settled salaries, on the other, neighbors call against the high rate in the CALF electricity cooperative and another group also invites citizens to rally against the privatization of the YPF oil company. Judicial They will hold an assembly to define actions to fight for Collective Labor Agreementjo.

The series of claims will begin at 8:30 at the Provincial Council of Education (Belgrano and Colón) with the decent people gathered in ATEN capital. They demand the lack of payment or partial payment of at least 180 workers, only in the city of Neuquén.

«Many of them have not been paid for months as a result of the application of the educational reform, adding to this that last month there was no complementary payroll either. In the schools, the management teams have gone into debt with their salaries to pay for bread because the items did not arrive. On the other hand, retirees are tired of collecting the CPI 15 or 20 days after the rest of the workers, With rising inflation they are directly harmed. In this context, the increase in Calf’s electricity rates has been announced, which also means a hit to the pocket,” they said in a statement.

They also mentioned the new Minister of Education, Soledad Martínez and assured that she is the one who should «“solve this problem now by disbursing items and announcing the date of the complementary return.”

Judicial courts will define forms of claim for the Collective Bargaining Agreement

At 10 unionized workers in the Judicial Employees Union of Neuquén (SEJuN) will hold an assembly in the AMUC hall to define fighting actions with the purpose of demanding a response from the Superior Court of Justice to the claim for the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

«The union continues to demand the implementation of the VII Titles of the Collective Labor Agreement and the Violence Protocol already agreed upon with the TSJ within the framework of Law 2670″, they mentioned.

Recently the judicial workers of Neuquén received the support of the Argentine Judicial Federation

Symbolic hug for the non-privatization of YPF

At 10:30, a rally was called at the doors of the headquarters of YPF in Talero 360 in Neuquén to make a symbolic hug against the privatization of the majority state oil company.

The proposal arises in response to President Javier Milei’s intentions to privatize the firm. «Those of us who subscribed to this call think that there is no reason to justify privatization. TOAt least there is no reason for the interest of the people and the Nation. Privatizing Argentina’s main company in any scheme is harmful from every point of view, due to its strategic, economic and political value,” those promoting the measure expressed in a statement.

The group of people is made up of neighbors, politicians and former employees of the company. From space they recalled that in the period that YPF was 100% private and foreign-owned (1998 – 2011), oil production fell by 42.9% and gas production by 18.4%. On the other hand, in the period of state management (2011 – 2023) it grew by 24% in oil and 25.1% in gas. Why then privatize a profitable and strategic company like YPF?, they asked.

Day to fight against Calf tariffs

The controversy over the items added to the CALF electricity ballot, approved by the Deliberatorthey will have another day of expressions against.

From 11 a.m., neighbors will gather in front of the municipality (Avenida Argentina and Roca) to demand against the high rate that will be felt in the invoices from January.

“They are an association against the neighbors’ pockets”said left-wing deputy Gabriela Suppicich regarding the approval by the majority of councilors, except those of the FITU.

“That is why tomorrow, Wednesday, starting at 11 a.m., we will gather in front of Mayor Mariano Gaido’s office to demand that he veto this anti-popular measure. We call on the neighbors and the population in general to join in petitioning for the veto of the Ordinance on the looting of popular pockets,” he stated.

Teachers from ATEN capital after its action plan in the CPE.

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