These are the most powerful cell phones currently in Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- The analysis and evaluation platform of mobile technologies, Antutu, published the results of the tests it applied to various cell phone models and revealed the list of those that obtained the highest score for their power and performance.

Here we share the ranking of the 10 most powerful mobile phones today and which ones are available in Mexico.

What are the most powerful cell phones currently?

The ranking of cellular devices is made up of 87 models from different brands, of which we share the first 10 that stood out for a high score regarding their performance and power.

As shown in the ranking, the model Xiaomi 14 Pro tops the list of the 10 most powerful cell phones today. However, although there are several official Xiaomi stores in Mexico, this mobile device is currently only officially sold in China. But it is possible that the cell phone will be distributed internationally in 2024, since its launch in China was last October when the brand published the following on its official blog: “As expected, the Xiaomi 14, including This Xiaomi 14 Pro, which leads the family until the arrival of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which still has a few months left, remains in China for now, but the model will be international in a matter of weeks, perhaps a few months.

We want to have it among us now because everything it offers clearly places it in the fight to be the best smartphone of its generation.” So if you want to get the phone that obtained the highest score among the most powerful cell phones currently, although it has not yet arrived in Mexico, it is a good idea that you know the Xiaomi 14 Pro pricesaccording to its official website, in case you want to save up to have it:

  • Xiaomi 14 Pro with 12GB/256GB: 4,999 yuan; equivalent to $12,050 pesos.
  • Xiaomi 14 Pro with 16GB/512GB: 5,499 yuan; around $13,255 pesos.
  • Xiaomi 14 Pro with 16GB/1TB: 5,999 yuan; approximately $14,461 pesos.
  • Xiaomi 14 Pro Titanium with 16GB/1TB: 6,499 yuan; about $15,666 pesos.

The equivalence of the Chinese currency, yuan, to Mexican pesos is approximate.

Where can I get one of the most powerful cell phones today?

As for the other devices in the ranking of the most powerful cell phones, the Nubia Z50S Pro, Positioned in second place, it has a price of approximately $10,190 pesos, available on its official website.

The cell phone Red Magic 8 Pro+ y el Red Magic 8S Pro, third and fourth place respectively, can be purchased on its official Red Magin México website, from $14,099 to $17,699 pesos, depending on the memory capacity you choose (12 GB or 16 GB).

Samsung Galaxy S23+ came in fifth place from the list of the most powerful cell phones with the best performance. This equipment can be obtained in its official online store for $18,499 pesos.

From the Xiaomi series, the model Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro, sixth and seventh place in the ranking, are not available in their official stores in Mexico. In position number 8 in the ranking of the most powerful cell phones, is the Nubia Z50 available in Mexico through its official website for a cost of $8,379 pesos.

In ninth position in the ranking is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultraofficially available in its online store from $25,999 and up to $29,999, depending on the storage memory you prefer: 256 GB, 512 GB or 1TB (terabyte).

Finally, in tenth position in the ranking of cell phones that are currently the most powerful due to their performance, is the Xiaomi Mi 13T Pro which has a price of $17,999 pesos, and is for sale online in the official web store for Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that in the list of the most powerful cell phones, Antutu only shows the most popular models. In addition, the score is based on the average data from each device on storage speed, processing power and performance, among other factors.

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