These are the offers, promotions and discounts if you pay with PayPal

There is very little left for the Hot Sale 2022 start and, as we already mentioned, this year the official sponsor is Kueski PayNevertheless platforms like PayPal They also have interesting discounts.

In addition to these promotions, other stores such as Walmart, Bodega Aurrera, Sam’s Club, Elektra, Coppel y amazon mexico also participate with different banking promotions in this event.

Coupons at participating stores with PayPal

Al use PayPal as a method payment we can receive a coupon up to 350 pesos for our next purchase. This offer will be available throughout the event but PayPal also reserves the right to end the promotion earlier.

Depending on the bank of our card, it will be the amount we will receive and the availability of the coupon. We leave you the list with the information but if you want to know more, you can review the terms and Conditions.

  • Citibanamex – 250 pesos limited to 18,466 coupons.
  • American Express – 350 pesos limited to 3,872 coupons
  • BBVA – 250 pesos limited to 13,431 coupons.
  • Banorte – 250 pesos limited to 5,792 coupons.
  • HSBC – 300 pesos limited to 3,786 coupons.

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