These Lebanese songs are part of your childhood

Some songs get stuck in the mind of the individual at times, and become a part of it, he repeats them constantly, and returns to them after many years, as their importance lies not only in their success, but in the memories that they bring back with them, and now we will mention some of the songs that we all sang in our childhood.

The year 2000 began with the song of the year, a song with the same title by the Lebanese artist Ghassan Rahbani, and the Lebanese celebrated this year by chanting its words, “The year of the year 2000 came and the country… Boy Boy Boa… Boyta Boa”, to be completed this year with the song “After You Have Seen Shi”, Among her words: “The lira was talking and now it was crying.”
Actress Nancy Ajram continued the series of songs that captured the hearts of listeners, to release the song “Sheel Oyounak Anni” in 2001, and in 2002, Haifa Wehbe’s song “I say I love you” was awarded to Haifa Wehbe.
In 2003, the artist Assi El-Hellani released the song “Boul Ma Beqoul”. In 2004, the song “Inti Mshiti” by Melhem Zain was on everyone’s lips, and in 2005 the song “Waadni” by Fares Karam was the song of every couple living a love story.

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