these strong trends that AWS predicts for 2021 and beyond

From the decentralization of the cloud to the omnipresence of voice in interfaces, Werner Vogels, Chief Technical Officer of Amazon Web Services, shares his predictions on major developments for the months to come.

By his own admission, even the keen technological observer Werner Vogels, the chief technological officer of the world leader AWS, could not have imagined the digital acceleration experienced by the world in 2020. «During the last nine months, digital services have taken on considerable importance in all areas of our daily life, which are undergoing rapid change: work, education, leisure, media, commerce … »Emphasizes Werner Vogels. This rapid digitalization makes it possible to imagine new proposals in remote environments, such as individualized learning in the field of education for example. Other trends are developing rapidly.

Decentralization of the cloud

« NWe observe a shift from a centralized environment to a decentralized environment, at the periphery »Summarizes Werner Vogels. Before cloud computing was centralized in data centers and everything happened there. Tomorrow, data will be stored and operated on smartphones, connected cars, factories, in short most connected objects (Edge Computing). ” To reap the benefits of 5G technology, you need to have capabilities very close to where the 5G access points are. »Emphasizes Werner Vogels, who points out that cloud-based applications are already making it possible to improve the performance of ships at sea or airplanes. “This means creating new models so that software can run inside these objects and not just in the centralized cloud like today. »

In the field of artificial intelligence, integrated machine learning will also move out of data centers to the periphery of the network, and therefore develop. In 2021, more than 50% of Internet connections will be from machine to machine, according to the CTO. All of this will of course have implications in terms of security.

The voice, the most natural interface

« The interfaces of a digital system must become much richer and much more human-centered Insists Werner Vogels. The keyboard will gradually disappear in favor of other interfaces, in particular the voice. The movement has already started a long time ago with voice assistants like Alexa. But most machines today still require typing on a keyboard, which is not within the reach of everyone, especially in developing countries. The movement will intensify because it is the most natural means of communication. ” Large segments of the population cannot read or write. But everyone can all use a phone or their voice to communicate »Explains Werner Vogels. And to cite as an exampleInternational Rice Research Institute, which was only able to obtain the participation of Indonesian farmers and fulfill its primary mission of assistance and advice after having completely revised the interface of its platform. Everyone could make a call, but none had a computer or smartphone! ” Interactions will have to become more natural. Maybe we won’t even know that there is artificial intelligence or that it’s a chatbot responding to us behind, but it will sound like the most natural conversation we can have. »Says Werner Vogels. According to his observations, 60% to 80% of all internet traffic will be video, images and audio in 2021.

The boundaries between the digital and physical world will be erased

« The digital world is added to the physical world. It’s a pattern that we’ll see more and more »Explains Werner Vogels, citing the example of a Tesla, a very complex technological object under the design of a« classic »car. The data collected in 2020 will be used to rethink cities or objects in homes, which will offer more services than their initial use. Payments will become more and more virtual or contactless. “We have seen a dramatic increase in new online payment platforms whose businesses are built in the cloud, and these options are proliferating.»Constate Werner Vogels.

The rise of quantum computing

“We are seeing considerable interest in quantum from large companies in the life sciences, pharmaceuticals, financial services sectors. They want to explore the capabilities of quantum computing. But we are still in an exploratory phase. ” emphasizes Werner Vogels. At AWS, a quantum computing service (Amazon Braket,) has been helping researchers and developers get into quantum technology to accelerate research since last year.

Space as the last frontier

«In 2021 and in the years to come, I think space will be an area where we will see some of the biggest breakthroughs. The cloud will play an important role, whether it is helping researchers track the glacial recession, shipping agencies to protect vulnerable marine reserves, or agronomists to better predict food supply, applications in the space will be amazing. ” says Werner Vogels. AWS has created its own satellite connection service, AWS Ground Station, and a satellite company Project Kuiper, which competes with SpaceX’s Starlink and other satellite network providers.


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