They accuse Remmy Valenzuela of giving brutal beating and show photos

What a scandal he’s into Remmy Valenzuela, after it became known that a young woman and the singer’s cousin accuse him of having been brutally beaten by him, causing them severe injuries for which they went to the hospital.

The first reports, collected by police sources, indicate that after the physical attack allegedly inflicted on him by the interpreter of the Mexican regional genre, The patient was left with multiple contusions-like dermatological lesions on the chest and arms and traces of gagging on the hands and feet. While the man showed the bruises and wounds on his face.


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According to the data confirmed by the local authorities, At around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, staff from a clinic in the city of Guasave, Sinaloa, in Mexico, reported the entry of a seriously injured young woman after being beaten.

According to local media, police officers went to the clinic and They verified the report, and Remmy Valenzuela was identified as the person allegedly responsible for physically attacking her, information that immediately began to spread like wildfire, in addition to the disturbing images of the injuries that these two people have came to light on social networks.


In addition, it is noted that the young woman also He presented traces of strangulation as a result of the attack that the singer allegedly inflicted on him, for which his health was reported as delicate and he was under medical observation.


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So far it is unknown with precision how and why the events occurred, although it is said that the young woman, allegedly attacked by the interpreter of “I’ll forget you”, and her boyfriend have already filed a complaint against her.

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