They are looking intensely for a 16-year-old teenager who disappeared in Roca

2023-08-26 01:53:11

The Río Negro Police mounted an intense operation in the last hours to find the whereabouts of Marilyn Ivonne Gelveza 16-year-old adolescent who was absent from her home in the city of General Rock.

To help identify her, the Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that the young woman mide 1,55 m about, He is of medium stocky build and has brown eyes.

Besides, He has bangs and reddish-black hair down to his shoulders.. It can also be distinguished by a mole on the lip and chin.

Finally, from the provincial Justice it was indicated that the adolescent she has a brunette complexion y She was wearing snowy lollipop-type jeans, black platform sneakers, and a black jacket with a rose and a hoodat the time of being last seen.

Given any information or clue about his whereabouts, the population was asked to contact 911 or the cell phone of the Roca prosecutor’s office on duty: (0298) 154231271.

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