They are sold in Arab countries.. Withdrawal of pressure medications because they contain a very dangerous substance!

One of the world’s famous manufacturers of blood pressure and heart disease medicines announced the withdrawal of several common types of pressure drugs, after discovering high levels of carcinogens..

According to medical reports, two types of drugs intended to treat blood pressure diseases can cause “much more harm than good,” according to a recall notice from pharmacies in America published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In turn, the company announced “Lupine Pharmaceuticals” The American company, which manufactures several world-famous brands of common antihypertensive drugs, announced a voluntary recall in America of all drug tablets “Irbesartan” (Irbesartan) and tablets “Hydrochlorothiazide” (hydrochlorothiazide), many of which can contain high levels of cancer-causing impurities, according to a report published on “yahoo”.

The report noted the discovery of impurities of the type “N-nitrosoirbesartanIt is a probable carcinogen, classified as unsafe.

She advised health institutions in the country to consult a specialist doctor in order to provide alternative medicines to the previous medicines.

According to the report of the US Food and Drug Administration; More than 90% of over 300 known compounds have been found to be impurities (N-nitrous), one of them (N-nitrosoirbesartan)Which was classified as carcinogenic when tested on animals.

When searching in Arab sources, it was found that these medicines are sold in some Arab countries, where they can be purchased directly from some pharmacies.


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