They ask to declare the election of the governor of Córdoba null

In the last hours, a concept from the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation sent to the Council of State requested to declare the nullity of the election of the governor of Córdoba, Orlando Benítez Mora.

The concept, issued this Sunday, October 11, is part of the process against the election of Benítez Mora for alleged inability to aspire to the first departmental position because his brother Juan Carlos Benítez Mora allegedly exercised administrative authority in the Department of Córdoba, in his condition of deputy director of Environmental Planning of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Valles del Sinú and San Jorge, CVS.

With the concept of the Attorney General, the fate of Governor Orlando Benítez Mora is in the hands of the Council of State. It should be noted that this concept is not binding.

Regarding the presumed inability, last October and a few days before the elections, the National Electoral Council denied the request to revoke the registration of the then candidate for the Liberal Party to the Government of Córdoba, Orlando Benítez Mora.

In the CNE ruling, it was indicated that his brother does not exercise administrative authority in the position he holds, since it is not within the scope of his functions and therefore the inability of the numeral of article 30 of Law 617 of 2000 is not configured.

“Based on what was stated by the Public Ministry, the section is requested to declare the nullity of the election of Orlando David Benítez Mora as governor of the department of Córdoba, period 2020 – 2023”, says the document.

The order was issued by the seventh attorney Sandra Patricia Tellez Beltrán.

It was learned that the request for nullity by the Attorney General’s Office was derived from a lawsuit filed by Julio Alexander Mora.

According to the plaintiff, the election of Orlando Benítez as governor of Córdoba must be annulled because within the twelve months prior to his election one of his relatives was linked to the Department’s Governor.

The control authorities are also trying to establish whether the departmental president would have incurred double militancy because during the electoral campaign he supported candidates belonging to different political parties.

It would not be the first time that the department became headless due to a disciplinary or preventive measure, since in the last administration the then-Governor Edwin Besaile was also removed from the position, prosecuted for alleged acts of corruption.

So far, Governor Benítez Mora has not spoken out against the decision of the control entity.


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