They ask to investigate tobacco companies that encourage vaping among minors

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Madrid, Jun 29 (EFE) .- The association has demanded this Wednesday legal and legislative actions to “stop the feet” of the companies that market heated tobacco and electronic cigarettes in Spain and that are causing a “vaping epidemic” among teenagers.

He explains in a note that these tobacco companies have been using the same sales tactics in our country for years that have been punished in the US and recalls that this week the manufacturer Juul has reached an agreement with the State of North Carolina to pay 33 million euros for having promoted their products to minors.

In 2020, the authorities of 39 US states opened an investigation against this company for its marketing strategies, including alleged misleading ads and directed at minors.

The president of, Raquel Fernández Megina, affirms that “Juul operates (in Spain) with a provisional license, because these companies do not demonstrate that their new addictive product does any good for society. They have created a childhood epidemic of nicotine addiction and thereby secured the next generation of smokers. “

Therefore, calls for legal and legislative action against these companies “before the epidemic gets out of control among our teenagers.”

In his opinion, the Administration should sanction these companies for their responsibility “for the ease of access that minors have to devices that release nicotine in all its forms, and for the presence of flavors specifically aimed at minors.”

“The first blu campaign in Spain was an almost flat-to-flat copy of the Juul aesthetic, with the young audience as the target, not the middle-aged smoker desperate to switch to something ‘supposedly’ less harmful. Maybe you have to think about it. in eliminating these types of products completely or, at least, the flavors and campaigns specifically directed at minors ”.

In Spain, these companies continue to advertise their products among adolescents and young adults through “influencers” on social networks, and with events with young actors with whom this audience identifies. “It is very evident what type of customers are looking for these kinds of products,” he adds.

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