They asked Mayar Al-Beblawy about the reason for her divorce and the destruction of her home?… She revealed in front of everyone what her husbands used to ask of her every morning without an ounce of shame.! !

The retired Egyptian artist, Mayar Al-Beblawy, revealed the reasons for her divorce and the destruction of her home, stressing that she married four times over the course of her life, in various forms.

And she confirmed in a press interview, after being asked in this regard, that she gets bored quickly, and her luck is bad in marriage, saying: “I am six bored, and I can’t stand the man sitting on my heart a lot, and I have a monster in all my marriages, I want someone to innovate and surprise me.”

The great artist pointed out unashamedly that her husbands never asked her to quit acting, but rather they married her because she is a famous actress, and they also thought that she would continue to treat them like a “well-groomed” star and put on cosmetics all the time.

And she added, “I am a normal human being, in a healthy, normal condition, like the rest of the people.

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