They asked the artist Zina, what is the worst thing about your ex-husband, Ahmed Ezz?? Everyone was shocked by what she revealed for the first time in public!

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The Egyptian actress Zina went through difficult years, after returning more than 9 years ago from the United States of America, accompanied by her twins, Zain El-Din and Ezz El-Din.

That return that sparked a major crisis within the artistic community, after Zina revealed a marriage that took place between her and the artist Ahmed Ezz, stressing that Ezz is the father of the two children.

That matter was transferred to the court and was finally resolved by proving the twins’ lineage to Ahmed Ezz, and Zina obtaining a divorce ruling from Ahmed Ezz.

In an appearance that came after years of silence, Zina appeared with the media, Amr Adib, on his “Al-Hekaya” program, which is shown on the “MBC Egypt” screen, to reveal many of the scenes and secrets of their marriage.

That was what happened in June 2012 in the presence of her family, and they held a party attended by a number of their friends before the couple traveled to the United States of America to settle there, and there Ezz – as he told her – documented the customary marriage contract at the Egyptian consulate, provided that Treat it as a civil marriage.

Zina explained that she was blindly trusting the pride, especially that he was worthy of that trust, but things differed after he learned of her pregnancy, which made him happy at times, and he demanded that she abort the pregnancy at other times.

The relationship between the duo ended since she completed the third month of pregnancy, and when Ezz left her and returned to Egypt, she was communicating with him in order to attend the time of birth, but he evaded her.

And about the most terrible need in her ex-husband, Ahmed Ezz, Zina said that he deceived her after they traveled to America and told her that he documented their marriage contract at the Egyptian embassy in America, and he agreed with her that she would devote herself to raising children and retiring from art in return for visiting her every period and taking care of financial matters for them, and revealed that he was asking her to do so for fear on his fans.

She indicated that she had extracted temporary travel documents for the twins, so that they could return to Egypt with her in the absence of their father, and when the travel documents were viewed at the airport, everyone learned of her story with Ahmed Ezz.

Zina confirmed that she had not sat with Ezz since this dispute, noting that she did not sue him at first and was surprised by him revealing that he went to the Public Prosecutor and filed a complaint against her, but in the end she was the one who got her rights.

However, she revealed a surprise about her two sons and that their relationship with their father is good, especially in light of his encounters with the twins, and that her two children asked her not to offend their father during the meeting.

Zina commented on her psychological state during the crisis, stressing that she was living very difficult days, and she used to have days when she was afraid to sleep because of her health condition so that she would not die in her sleep.

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