They broke up a clandestine party in Tucumán: there were 400 people in a house

When the police arrived, the youths began to flee. (Photo: TN capture)

Like every weekend, clandestine parties were news again: in Tucuman, the Police dismantled a celebration with 400 people within a particular property.

It happened in the heart of Tafí del Valle, the main tourist point of the province. The neighbors were alerted by the high volume of the music and made the complaint. Immediately the agents arrived and found a shocking scene: hundreds of young people fleeing to the bullfights of the place and others trying to imitate them.

Those present did not wear a mask and, obviously, did not comply with social distancing measures. The Police dispersed the area around 2 in the morning, so the meeting was also held outside the hours established by the Emergency Operational Committee (COE) of the province: through resolution 2-2021, and As part of the restrictions against the rise in coronavirus infections, the agency ordered that only essential personnel can circulate between 1 and 6.

The party took place in a large private house. The agents kidnapped speakers, amplifiers, lights and hundreds of bottles of alcoholic beverages.

Tight and without a chinstrap in a closed place. This was the clandestine party dismantled in Tafí del Valle. (Photo: TN capture)

It is not the first clandestine party dismantled in recent days in Tucumán. Last weekend, also in Tafí del Valle, a similar situation had already occurred with young people who had rented a house to hold an evening event.

In Tucumán, cases grew 50% after the Holidays. Days ago, consulted on the health situation of the province, the medical executive secretary of the local Ministry of Health, Luis Medina Ruiz, warned that “Many people from Tucumán are not taking the necessary precautions”.

More clandestine parties: 120 young people in a property in San Martín de los Andes

Another celebration in which more than 100 people participated without respecting the distancing and personal care measures against the coronavirus was dismantled in the Neuquén town of San Martín de los Andes, according to police sources.

Minutes before 11 pm, “after noticing loud music and lights coming from a property located on Amigos del Pueblo street, police officers decided to go to verify the place and observed the presence of approximately 120 people,” said a Neuquén Police statement.

In turn, the force indicated that most of the attendees did not respect the distancing measures or wear masks, adding that “a musical show was taking place in the place, alcoholic beverages were sold and food was sold.”


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