They dismantled a gang that stole and disarmed motorcycles in Roca and Cipolletti

with a series of raids that were carried out in Roca and Cipolletti, the police dismantled a gang that was dedicated to the robbery, disarmed and sale of vehicle parts. In two of the procedures, cannabis sativa, cocaia and marijuana plants were also seized.

The dismantling of the band occurred within the framework of a investigation that is in charge of the Public Ministry of General Roca, with the intervention of the Investigation Brigade of the police, which made it possible to detect the addresses to which the stolen motorcycles were taken in order to reduce them.

Three of the raids were carried out at homes in General Roca and the rest in Cipolletti. There were no people arrestedalthough if in all cases those who reside in the homes of the ongoing cause were notified.

Withthey kidnapped different tools and motorcycles that had a kidnapping request for being reported as stolendifferent parts such as mirrors, seats, tanks, among others, and also a vehicle that was used to transport the disarmed elements.

The first of the procedures was performed in a address located on Rosario street in Santa Fe where tools, seats, covers, tires, batteries, different engine parts were seized, plus a package with cocaine and others with marijuanaaccording to the indicative test carried out by personnel of the Drug Addiction Brigade.

In the second procedure in a house on Carpinteros street, a Volkswagen Vento car was kidnapped, used for the robberies and transfer of the parts. Also in this place different elements related to research and marijuana plants. The third raid in Roca was carried out in a home on Housay Street, where cannabis sativa plants were seized.

Finally in a house in the 17th of July street in Cipollettithe Investigation Brigade kidnapped three motorcycles that had been reported as stolen both in that town and in Neuquén, and different motorcycle parts.

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