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They 'forget' student complaints in Medicine

  • A group of students from the Higher School of Medicine (ESM) took over the facilities and decided to go on strike.

MEXICO CITY.- After accusing that the CDMX Health Secretariat (Sedesa) and the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) ignored their complaints about deficiencies in practical teaching in classrooms and in hospitals, a group of students from the Higher School of Medicine (ESM) took over the facilities and decided to go on strike.

Around 300 students voted in favor, but there was a similar number of abstentions and half a hundred rejected it.

By consensus, the students agreed that the strike would be respected and that the urgent thing is to provide a solution to their requests, mainly that practical classes in hospitals be guaranteed, as well as face-to-face classes to counteract the academic lag they are dragging due to the Covid pandemic. -19.

Students are concerned with their practical learning, which represents 90 percent of their career.

Some emphasized that they are concerned that the suspension of classes will be extended indefinitely, without a response from the IPN.

“We are already very bad, we did not have classes in the pandemic, what kind of doctors are we going to be?” Claimed Virginia, a senior student who was unable to enter the institution yesterday to carry out urgent procedures.

“They say there is collateral damage, it no longer matters if we agree with the strike or not. We are not going to fight among ourselves, what we demand is that the directors respond and resolve. It is not possible for them to ignore us in this way and not care a bit about our training”, emphasized Eduardo, another of the students who went to the school and found it closed.

REFORMA published that the students were assured that they would return in person full-time to classrooms and hospitals when Mexico City was at a green light, which did not happen.

As they are students who in the short and medium term will be doctors in hospitals such as the public ones in CDMX, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said, before a strike, that the head of Sedesa, Oliva López, would review the problem.

However, the unit was separated from hospital care. Dozens of students confirmed that they were enrolled in hospitals, but they only give them those classes via zoom.

“Sedesa granted the clinical fields requested by the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in a timely manner and the activities are carried out normally in the assigned venues according to what was planned,” he said.

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