They have already opened the mysterious door of Demon’s Souls Remake

Earlier this week, players from Demon’s Souls in PlayStation 5 they discovered the existence of a mysterious new door that nobody knew how to open. Although eventually someone would find a way, the truth is that it happened sooner than we thought and we already know what was hidden inside.

A speedrunner known as Distortion2 He was responsible for opening this mysterious door. To do so, he had to gather at least 30 Ceramic Coins and interchange them with Sparkly the Crow, an NPC who is engaged in exchanges. In doing so, the streamer received a key and quickly realized that this key was the one that would open the enigmatic entrance.

What did you find inside? A simple armor. Yes, all this mystery hid a set based on the Penetrator, one of the bosses of the game that is new in the version of PlayStation 5.



Via: Kotaku


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