They highlight that Venezuela could export refined products

They point out that there are moderate expectations with the Chevron license, since the sanctions would still limit much of the agreement with the oil company.

In case of making a monetary investment and recovering the capacity of the refineries, Venezuela would have the possibility of exporting refined products, according to William Rodríguez, president of the Hydrocarbons Subcommittee of the Energy and Petroleum Commission of the National Assembly (AN).

“We can be a reliable supplier of gasoline to all of southern Colombia (…) we can sell gasoline to northern Brazil, to Mexico and we can even recover our natural market, which is the entire Caribbean,” he said in an interview with Unión Radio.

Rodríguez stressed that an effort is being made in the country to reactivate the entire economic apparatus, assuming that everything that happens in the epicenter of the Venezuelan economy begins with the oil industry.

The parliamentarian pointed out that he is not so optimistic in relation to the Chevron license, although he considers that this represents the beginning of the process of gradually lifting the sanctions.

“Chevron has investments in Guyana, it won some important oil fields in Mexico, in Brazil (…) and when one goes to review how much Chevron is going to invest in Venezuela, they do not appear on its pages, then one really asks what is what are they going to do in Venezuela?” he added.

However, he considered that there is great expectation on the Maracaibo side since PetroBoscán has the possibility of quickly increasing production if Chevron makes a significant operational investment.

“We can go to fifty thousand barrels and if they make an investment we could be at one hundred thousand barrels next year. The same in the investment that they have in the Strip,” he said.

He valued the effort of the workers to continue meeting the goals set for 2023.

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