They investigate a shooting that occurred this morning in a commercial area of ​​Orlando | Videos | Univision Orlando WVEN

highway look at the imageyour screen if you have to go to thework it’s time to do itboth directions of the highwayinterstate four to heightof hour agents of the officeorange county sheriffwere deployed inscene of a shootingIt happened this morning in aour commercial areacompanion edwin ía gonález hasbeen to the scene of thisincident and join us inI live with the last of thisinvestigation.there are three people who werecooperating with authoritieswhat have i said again?it is correct, gustavo,we witnessed some time agominutes when allunits and the two vehiclesinvolved a van and acar left the placeat 6:15 they started to pick upthe tapes that impeded theaccess to the area where it happenedall at this two o’clockearly morning, the vehicleswere hit by bulletsMultiple bullet wounds andhere from two o’clockdawn began toinvestigate, allinvestigation right in thiszone ended at about 6:15am. there were numerouspolice officers of theDepartment ofinvestigations, pampering makesminutes a lady entering thetruck and then a man,both left and the vehicleswere removed from the sceneso there are people who arecooperating to say whathappened and help find itwhereabouts of those responsible andalso to provide information tothis investigation.right on my back they wereboth vehicles and minutes agowere removed along withpolice and other units of thelaw enforcement officerswe understand that it is an areacommercial so you have toinfer that in minutespeople start andworkers to address thisarea, we can then reportthat at this time of the morningthe scene was lifted and there is notraffic impedimentthat’s right, on this avenuethere is no impediment totransit, and neither in thecolonial we are on a corner.the traffic in these arefully industrialnormal, until a moment agowas prevented about asection of about 100 or 150 m herebehind my back but only 15minutes and the transit is already

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