They reveal the strategy that Tonka Tomicic used to continue in her apartment, despite having sold it

During the past week, it had been reported about the economic complications that he is going through Tonka Tomicic, who has been indirectly involved in the Relojes Case. In this sense, the journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez had indicated that she sold goods and properties.

The cheerleader even had to sell her apartment in the Vitacura commune, which is valued at more than 1 million dollars. However, she has remained living in the place due to a specific strategy.

It had been anticipated that it was the ‘leaseback’, which in simple terms allows the person to sell a property to an entity, but a term is given for it to be able to reacquire it, so it is not necessary to abandon it completely.

As detailed by LUN, Tonka Tomicic would have agreed to installments with interest with a banking company. This would allow the owner to reacquire it and leave it in his name if they are paid in full within a defined period of time.

The aforementioned medium revealed that the communicator parted with the property for a total of 1,300 million pesos, but you can continue to inhabit it comfortably.

Tonka Tomicic situation

In addition, they would have agreed 240 installments of 11 million each month. You will basically be paying a kind of ‘lease’ for a total of 20 years.

According to what Cecilia Gutiérrez and Laura Landaeta, author of the book on the Clocks Case, have pointed out, Tomicic would have to pay a series of debts.

“Unfortunately, Tonka sold all the apartments she had. She owned one in Vitacura and Ñuñoa. She also had to liquidate warehouses, parking lots. As of today, he does not have any property in his name. It’s super heavy.” Gutierrez said.

“What I did was get the information through a system similar to Dicom, where you can see its properties. They were all sold out,” he added.

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