They were saved, ché!: Argentina defeats Mexico and the Albiceleste fans “take revenge” with a wave of memes

The Argentine National Team breathes with relief after the 2-0 victory over the Mexican squad in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Those led by Messi saw their advance to the next phase falter, due to the historic defeat against Saudi Arabia.

After a goalless first half, the Argentinians prayed to score in the second half and apparently D10S heard them. At minute 64, Lionel Messi fired a shot several meters from the area and scored the first goal, unleashing the Albiceleste party.

Later, in the 86th minute, Enzo Fernández made it 2-0 and sealed the victory for Argentina, managing to leave behind the bitter taste of the defeat against the Arabs.

Now, what will happen to Mexico? The Aztecs must win yes or yes on the last date and with a calculator in hand, wait for the other results of the group and pay attention to the goal difference.

Review the goals and memes left by Argentina vs. Mexico

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