They will install underground wiring on Colosio Boulevard, in Cancun

CANCUN.- The installation of underground wiring on Colosio Boulevard, Cancunwill be launched on Tuesday, April 9, when the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will begin the dismantling of high-voltage overhead lines.

The objective is provide security to the population and the prevention of any incident in the event of a hydrometeorological phenomenon.

Underground wiring on Colosio Avenue, in Cancun

The underground wiring on Colosio Boulevard will provide greater security in the area and guarantee that the supply of electrical energy is not affected in hurricane season or any other situation.

Accompanied by Armando Lara de Nigris, Secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedetus), Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa reported that in view of these works, that will improve the urban image of the citythe understanding of citizens is requested.

Take the necessary precautionsleave home with more time because perhaps you will have to reduce the speed in some of the lanes,” he added.

Where will the underground wiring work on Colosio Boulevard begin?

“Stay pay attention to the progress of these maneuvers that will last a few months,” said the Morenista official.

Mara Lezama urged the population to be attentive, since the maneuvers They will start from Chac Mool Avenue and they will go to the Airport.

“We will be attentive to give you all the information,” he noted.

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2024-04-13 16:56:10

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