Thiago and Nacho, pampering, kisses and love in the pool

In the last hours, Nacho and Thiago starred in a moment very today before the cameras of Big Brother 2022. The young man from La Matanza jumped into the pool, hugged his friend and gave her a few kisses.

The boy from Almagro tried to push Thiago away, who kept insisting on touching or kissing him. The images of the romantic encounter did not take long to go viral on social networks.

Big Brother 2022: the talk that Agustín had with the reality psychologist and was not seen on the air

Since a few days ago, Juliet Poggio has been demonstrating at the house of Big Brother 2022 that she feels a little uncomfortable every time she Agustin Guardis Looks at her.

Disney -as her classmates call her- she has told some of the girls that she finds the young man’s attitude somewhat unpleasant, that he is in love with her.


On more than one occasion, Agustín has said that Julieta seems to him the prettiest in the house. In fact, she told the boys that she would love to get closer, even though she knows that she is in a relationship.

this tuesday in intruders (America TV), martin salwe revealed that the boy was called by Big Brother to the confessional The reason? The reality psychologist invited him to reflect on his obsession with his partner.

“Obviously, we saw that on the 24-hour channel, but not at the Big Brother 2022 gala,” warned the panelist of the Flor de la V program. It will be necessary to see if in the next few days, Santiago del Moro makes any comments about Agustín’s attitude with Juliet.

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