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Thierry Henry: “It’s weird to see Messi in Ligue 1”

Since the start of the season, Thierry Henry, one of the former big stars of French football, has been working as a consultant for Amazon Prime. This allows him to roam the lawns of Ligue 1 and comment on some beautiful league posters. Thus, he was able to see Lionel Messi at work with Paris and not only once.

“Messi in Paris, it’s extraordinary”

Henry has commented on several PSG matches, but he admits that he is not yet aware of the fact that his former teammate is performing with the Ile-de-France team. He has trouble realizing. “Already (I am) surprised, he told Amazon Prime. Not that he came to Paris or the French league, but that he left Barcelona. Because even him, and he said it, he didn’t expect it. Now he’s at PSG and he sees the ability that this team has to win. The championship already, and I also hope for French football, the Champions League. But yes, it’s always weird to see him with the colors of PSG ”.

The top scorer in the history of the France team is convinced that this XXL transfer will have a significant impact not only on PSG but on all French football. “If it’s good for Ligue 1? Yes. For the sporting side, and also in relation to the sale of jerseys. He still hasn’t scored, but that’s okay. In C1, he did it. But, once again, Lionel Messi in Paris, it’s extraordinary ”.

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“PSG has become very powerful”

Henry is delighted to see the Argentine star perform with the capital team and he believes that Paris has reached a new dimension thanks to this reinforcement and also to all those operated on in previous years. “Abroad, fans follow Ligue 1 more thanks to Messi. I travel, I live in England and I lived in the United States… At one point, there was the arrival of Zlatan, and then we can quote all the players who came after. Now I see people, they have Paris jerseys. They walk in the street with the swimsuits of Paris. And they don’t even know what it is because it’s so powerful. It’s like us when you walk with the Yankees cap on, people think it’s the New York cap, but it’s the Yankees cap. But you don’t even know it because it’s so strong. It goes beyond Ligue 1 ”.

Finally, Henry concluded by indicating that progress in France, in addition to the names which land in the championship, is also at the level of the game which is now practiced. “With the Ibrahimovic, Neymar and Mbappé, who broke through in Monaco and then stayed in Ligue 1, people started to watch the championship. But today, it’s not just Paris. But what interests me is the game and I see coaches who are now trying to win a game rather to see if they can not lose it or not take goals. I see coaches moving forward and that is also important ”, pointed out the former Gunner.


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