Thinner than ever, James Harden impresses against the competition!

For his new season at the Sixers, James Harden has only one goal: to win the title. The bearded man has made the efforts outside the courts, since he is more emaciated than ever. How to penalize him? No way. A recent video of the player is causing the buzz, where he can be seen dominating the competition. His opponents are warned: Harden may be at his best.

After another disappointment in the playoffs, against the Heat, the Sixers will be back in October with the same ambitions, namely to win the title. Joel Embiid doesn’t want to squat in the middle of the Eastern Conference, and neither does Daryl Morey, who brought in James Harden last year against Ben Simmons. A major move, which has not had the expected effects on both sides, at least for the moment.

Harden was expected at the turn in Pennsylvania, but the fact is, his performances were disappointing. There are some good games, but the former member of the Rockets was discreet in the playoffs, with a role of passer, and less of a scorer. Philly, however, needs him at his best to win the championship, and the message has obviously passed. This summer, James has worked hard to enhance himself physically, evidenced by his weight loss.

James Harden on a mission with the Sixers!

Yes, the Barbu took things seriously. No way for him to keep this somewhat beefy physique, which some have deemed responsible for his declining performance. Instead, he chained the workouts, with a drastic diet as a bonus. The result is impressive, especially since he is still able to punish other players. We saw this in a recent video, where the Sixer flies over the competition.

Arms, belly, legs: it’s clear that Harden is totally transformed physically. Fortunately, the performances are there, he who had fun facing other NBA players present in this room. Among Sixers fans, we inevitably start to dream:

The skinny James Harden when he will win the finals

The change is impressive for James Harden, ready to do anything to dominate with his Sixers next year. He should evolve at his best level, it remains to be seen whether his agreement with Joel Embiid and company will be perfect on the floor. Among the supporters, we can in any case have a smile.

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