This actress became one of the most famous Egyptian actresses. She separated from her husband to marry the artist who sang at their wedding.. Who is she?!

This artist was born in the Egyptian governorate of Sharkia. She holds a BA from the Faculty of Arts in Sociology from Cairo University. She began working in the art of acting during the seventies of the twentieth century through television and then theatre.

She is the artist Somaya Al-Alfi, who since the seventies has been able to prove herself in the artistic community as an artist and actress through her participation in many series and films, although her studies have nothing to do with arts and theater, the Egyptian artist has enjoyed an artistic talent that made her able to embody characters.

the various roles; Which made her win many awards and honors, and given her wide fame in this field, the Egyptian and Arab audience wondered who Sumaya Al-Alfi was.

One of the stories that created controversy in the newspapers is the marriage of the Egyptian actressSumaya Al-Alfi to the artist who revived her first wedding to her ex-husband Gamal Abdel Hamid..

Somaya had married 4 times during her life, and her third marriage was to Jamal, who promised her that he would not betray her, but he failed to make her two children happy, so she separated from him to marry the artist Medhat Saleh, who was 7 years younger than her, and the irony is that he sang to her in her previous wedding.

Sumaya’s marriage to Medhat lasted 3 and a half years, as she was betrayed again, and then decided that she would not marry again.

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