This artist was called the “police of literature”?… She married a very wealthy Saudi businessman… and she hit Mahmoud Yassin on the stomach for a shocking and unbelievable reason.! !

This artist is one of the most famous stars in Egyptian cinema, as she presented for cinema and television many successful films and programs,

That caught the attention of many viewers, this artist was multi-talented, as she combined the talent of acting and the talent of presenting television programs, so she was able to enter the hearts of the masses very quickly.

It was the beginning of her appearance on the small screen through the “Birds of Paradise” program, in this way she stormed the television and was able to reconcile her work and study, so she joined the Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology, and graduated from it. She is the great artist, “Najwa Ibrahim”.

Actress Najwa Ibrahim presented many programs that amazed viewers of various categories, where she presented her famous program “Good Morning and Good Evening” in cooperation with the doll “Bakloz”, whose voice was performed by the late artist Sayed Azmy, where this program continued for 25 years on television.

Director Youssef Chahine was impressed by her great talent and asked her to collaborate with him in the movie “The Land”, and due to her calm beauty and beautiful face, she was nicknamed by the people of the village in which filming was held as “The Bride”, and the artist Najwa Ibrahim was conservative towards the hot scenes, and this matter prompted the director The late Hassan Al-Imam called it the “police of literature.”

Najwa Ibrahim recounted that he asked the artist Mahmoud Yassin to approach her in a scene, but she hit him with her elbow in the stomach, while filming the movie “torment over smiling lips”, where Najwa decided to stay away from the type of films that require hot scenes, so she presented a number of The good works of art included, “The Addict”, “The Bullet Is Still in My Pocket” and “My Dignity”.

Najwa Ibrahim was not lucky in her private life, as she married 3 times, as her first marriage was to the goalkeeper of the Palestinian Al-Ahly club Marwan Kanafani, where she gave birth to her two sons “Nasser” and “Hakam”, but they separated after years,

As a result of his work as an advisor to the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, her last two marriages were to Ahmed Fawzi, an official at the Presidency of the Republic at the time, and the divorce took place, and then from the Saudi businessman Assem Qazzaz, who separated after only one year of marriage.

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