This awesome Unity tech demo with lions runs at 4K on PlayStation 5

Unity presented during the SIGGRAPH 2022 celebration a short and spectacular technical demo which runs in real time known as Lion. As reported since Wccftechthis demo runs at a 4K resolution at 30 frames per second in the hardware of PlayStation 5 and has been created with the following tools: Wētā Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva, SyncSketch and, of course, Unity Editor. As you can see in the attached video, one of the most impressive details of Lion is the rendering of the fur of the felines, which has been achieved thanks to the new hair and fur tool of Wētā Digital.

Sara Hansen, a Unity artist, had this to say about the tech demo: “Wig is a different way of working – it’s actually the fastest grooming tool I’ve ever used. months in another hairstyle pack – it’s much quicker to create in Wig It only takes a couple of weeks, and some groomings they go from weeks of creation in other tools to just a day or a few in Wig, and with much better quality levels and with greater control capacity by the artist. Even when you have to react to detailed art direction feedback notes, like adjusting a specific strand of a cue shot, it’s easy to authorize in Wig.”

A revolutionary tool in hair simulation and rendering

As explained at the conference, Wig is a tool that has been enhanced with a new GPU-powered clumping hair simulation that allows millions of hair strands to react dynamically in real time. Regarding hair and fur rendering, the Unity graphics developers have designed a set of enhancements to a CPU tile-based software rasterization algorithm in HDRP, with a significant optimization for rendering several million strands of unique hairs. Finally, Unity has confirmed that these improvements to hair simulation and rendering will be made public with the upcoming 2023.1 Tech Stream release.

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